On January and Energy

After Xmas, January can seem like someone turned the light out.

A lightbulb reflected in a iPad, instantly brought to mind a globe. that’s what a lightbulb truly contains. It’s another world, it opened the doors to a generation. Energy has guided every technological innovation, all matter is generated by energy. It’s the one thing we crave when we age, it’s the one thing we seek in our youth. Rock-and-Roll, Fast Food and Love is motivated by energy.

Energy is what split the atom, it detonated the mushroom cloud, it spreads the marmalade…It can be a positive or negative force. Figures such as Chris Hatfield have become the new rockstars, more films are being made about scientists such as Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking than ever. Half-baked notes in my pyjamas is eventually turned into blog entries.

January is often touted as the month to try and save yourself from Xmas hedonism through Kale. For everybody except students of the arts, it’s back to work, therefore I’ve booked myself into a Hostel in Bristol in order to stay energized by engaging with culture. I hope through this I can seek the energy which led to late night beers along the Berlin wall, the chicken feet of China and the busking of Dublin.

The only alternative to this trip would be to stay at home and over analyze the source of the energy, which is commonly known as existentialism. The danger in analyzing the brain as either a rotting fig or a wonderous machine is the pretention and desperation it generates. So I’m going to see art, drink cocktails and take photographs…as a potent antidote to the current temptation to mainline sherry and lie in bed until the world gains it’s Lust for Life in February.

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