What is the meaning behind Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’?

From the heady opening mix of industrial dance beats, choral chanting and orchestral strings. Burping Jazz Sax. Ray Guns. The voice is devotional. There is a sudden lift, the Blackstar rising? The spaceship taking off? A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? “How many times does an angel fall?” How many times… Continue reading What is the meaning behind Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’?

On January and Energy

After Xmas, January can seem like someone turned the light out. A lightbulb reflected in a iPad, instantly brought to mind a globe. that’s what a lightbulb truly contains. It’s another world, it opened the doors to a generation. Energy has guided every technological innovation, all matter is generated by energy. It’s the one thing we… Continue reading On January and Energy