Paris Attacks: No easy réponses

As I write this, people across the UK are dressing up, drinking and thinking only of one particular french word ‘Beaujolais’

A lot of harsher words have been associated with Paris in the last week, the shocking attack by radical extremist group ISIS on it’s people and by extension, it’s values has rightly dominated the Media and is prompting a swift response to the ghouls.

Pars is where Jim Morrison was buried, Where the tomb of Oscar Wilde is adorned in lipstick. ISIS should learn from history that although -oppressive regimes have goose-stepped into Paris they will never be able to destroy it’s spirit. While ISIS adorn their cities with Black flags, offering only restrictions upon their people, Paris will lift the glass and introduce itself as the land of the free.  ‘

It’s been difficult to read about the attacks or know how to respond to them, I’ve seen Social Media sites prompt people to change their profile photos, candidates such as Jeremy Corbyn argue that violence is not the way to respond, but what can we do?

We are pushed to work with countries such as Russia, who again have very different values to our own to defeat ISIS. Terrorists try to separate us, but ironically, their attacks have only brought us closer together. They are completely deaf and blinded by their own propaganda. There is no discussion, no great reward for adhering to their way of life. Their way of life is more of a way of death, one which has corrupted young men who haven’t found their own path, to waste their lives for the sake of some invisible man in the sky.

A God which gets offended at cartoons, incites hate and murder can never last. It’s followers will never realise this and it’s this thinking that formulated the ‘shoot to kill’ policy. If you cannot reason with a feral animal, you cannot reason with a feral member of the ISIS clan.

They are already imprisoned within a philosophy which will hopefully be but a distant hangover by the next Beaujolais.  I hope that those in Paris are able to enjoy the celebrations of the event just as much as those abroad, intoxicated by the knowledge that regimes such as ISIS are sure to die along with their leaders.

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