…And your placement will be in:

Drumroll please…


Over the the last week or so, I’ve been getting together an awesome band for an event at Mozarts, Swansea,  writing about the trip for Swansea Uni: http://www.swansea.ac.uk/media-centre/latest-news/swanseawelcomessiavongateachersandstudentstothecity.php while frantically checking my emails to find out where I’ll be going.

Now I’m frantically checking blogs such as impactikorudo.wordpress.com run by volunteers who have been on the programme. Not only have I found that Ikorodu seems like a vibrant, busy city what from the photographs, I know here will be friendly people around every corner.

From my time in the African nation of Zambia, I know that it’s bound to be an amazing experience and can’t wait to be placed in a host family so I can begin to collect Welsh stuff to take out there.

My body is currently in Wales, but my mind is far away in Nigeria…perhaps packing a few Welshcakes will allow me to focus as I’ll no doubt have a lot of questions on my city as well as learning about the Nigerian way of life…


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