Hitler’s Heck Cows: Diary of a German Soldier

With news of farmer Derek Gow’s imported 13 ‘Nazi Heck’ cattle. We have uncovered the diary of a German Guardsmen Hanz, who worked on the original project in 1940’s Germany. 1940, 1st of November, The Cattle Arrive Churchill wants to fight us on the beaches, we know that the best way to fight is on… Continue reading Hitler’s Heck Cows: Diary of a German Soldier

On January and Energy

After Xmas, January can seem like someone turned the light out. A lightbulb reflected in a iPad, instantly brought to mind a globe. that’s what a lightbulb truly contains. It’s another world, it opened the doors to a generation. Energy has guided every technological innovation, all matter is generated by energy. It’s the one thing we… Continue reading On January and Energy